"Markakol" GPP office which is located in the village urunkhaika of the Kurchum district of the East Kazakhstan region of Аstana city the distance is 1527 miles.


Main attractions: lake Markakol nature Museum, Austro road, semistrelnaya tree breed listvenitsa. The cost of travel for 1 person: by train from the city of Astana to the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk averages 5000 tenge. From the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk to urunkhaika village can be reached by taxi. The cost of travel for 1 person on a taxi in an average of 7000 tenge. Markakol nature reserve is a protected natural territory (further -MGPP). Visiting protected areas according to the current Nulevogo code of the Republic of Kazakhstan per person per day is 0.1 monthly calculation coefficient (MRP). For 2017 year 1 MCI is KZT 2269, i.e. visit 1 person per day is 227 tenge.


Markakol nature reserve submitted 1 trails and 1 trail. The cost of service for the provision of Hiking trails (routes) with 1 person per day is 972 tenge.


Additionally, the reserve provides other services in accordance with the approved tariffs (rates attached).